Our People

Bob for WebBob  Kay

 Position:  Founding Partner
Favorite Ride
:  Kangamanga Highway, New Hampshire
Where Born: 
Joined A Biker’s Garage
:  September 2007
Bikes Owned
:  Dozens…..Honda, Harley-Davidson, American Iron Horse
Favorite Band
:  Hank Williams Sr.
Favorite Movie
:  Easy Rider
Favorite Food
:  Lemon Meringue Pie
What I do for Fun: Build and Ride Motorcycles

Bob has over three decades of experience in the Motorcycle Industry ranging from Operations, Sales, Shop Ownership and Executive positions with companies such as Bikers Choice, American Iron Horse and Tucker Rocky. Bob brings a unique Customer Focus, with a sense for the Industry and Trends. Bob is determined to help Customers get what they want out of their Bike and the Accessories they purchase.  He also has a wide network of relationships in the industry with key skills in Marketing, Distribution and Product knowledge. His motorcycle interests link back to his youth, with both his Father and Grandfather riding. Bob owns Metric and American V-Twin bikes…. And has a collection of over a half dozen motorcycles.  A Bikers Garage Customer will benefit from his rich history, insight and passion.


Mike  Redenbaugh

Position:     Founding Partner
Favorite Ride:     Fire Roads in Northern Arizona
Where Born:     Yakima Valley, Washington State
Joined A Biker’s Garage:     September 2007
Bikes Owned:     A Dozen Different Hondas, Enjoys riding his 2000 Heritage Softail
Favorite Band:     ZZ Top
Favorite Movie:     On Any Sunday
Favorite Food:   My Homemade Spaghetti, Anything off the Backyard Grill
What I do for Fun:     Traveling with Linda, Time with Family and Friends… Cooking, Listening to Music, Riding Texas Country Roads,                                                                                         Motorsports….. And spending time with Four Wonderful Grandkids.

Mike has been a motorsport enthusiast for over four decades. From his first experience riding his “Step-Through” Honda Trail 90 on the family camping outings in Washington to riding with his Sons on Honda Dirt Bikes in Northern Arizona. Today, he rides a Harley-Davidson Softail and Road Glide, which he enjoys with his Wife, Family, and Friends.  He has spent 26 years in the Aerospace Industry as a Mechanical Engineer, Program Manager and Executive. He worked for Honeywell Aerospace and Bell Helicopter where he was the Chief Executive Officer.  Mike is focused on shaping the Philosophy, Strategy and Operational performance of A Bikers Garage to assure Customer Satisfaction.  Mike also really enjoys his six Grand Children Camden, Sophie, Bailee, Ashlyn, Flint and Brynleigh.


Trenton Redenbaugh

Position:  Manager
Favorite Ride:  Fire Roads in Northern Arizona
Where Born:  Phoenix, Arizona
Joined A Biker’s Garage:  August 2010
Bikes Owned:  Honda XR and CR Dirt Bikes, XR350, Cafe Bike in work,  CBF 750 Honda… Rides a Black Road Glide Bagger.
Favorite Band:  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Favorite Movie:  The Fugitive
Favorite Food:  Anything Mexican.
What I do for Fun:  Ride Motorcycles,  and hang out with Family and Friends.  Watch sports….. Especially Hockey.

Trenton started riding motorcycles with his Dad when he was 6 years old.  His first bike was an XR 80 that he road in the desert around Phoenix.  From his XR80 he transitioned to XR200, then XR250 and then a CR250.  Many a day was spent riding the fire roads in Northern Arizona with his Dad, brother and several friends.  Trenton also grew up playing sports….. And played Hockey at his high school in Chandler, Arizona.  He made the “All State” Hockey Team.  After High School, Trenton attended college both in Arizona and Texas….. After joining ABG in 2010, Trenton quickly became a key player handling both parts and service coordination.  He is knowledgeable with Harley and Metric products.  His bike interests range from building a Cafe Racer, to restoring an on XR350 like his Dad first rode… To riding his CBF750 and using the Black Roadglide.  Trenton brings a great sense of humor, positive attitude and desire to help you get the most out of your bike to the A Bikers Garage business.


Jeff DunnJeff for Web Page

Position:  V-Twin Technician, Roanoke
Favorite Ride:  Anywhere in the North Georga Mountains.
Where Born:  Dallas, Texas
Joined A Biker’s Garage:  Sept 2009
Bikes Owned:  91 Sportster, 04 Sporster, CB750, 09 Harley Road King
Favorite Band:  The Clash, Reverend Horton Heat.
Favorite Movie:  Dr. Strange Love
Favorite Food:  Mexican
What I do for Fun:  Play with his Daughters… Anything the two Girls Wants To Do!

Jeff interest in motorcycle came from his teens after watching Easy Rider….. It was in his blood.  He started working when he was 15 to save up for his first bike….. A 1980 Honda CB750, it was pretty rough when he purchased it and he rode it until it died.  That bike gave him an opportunity to develop his mechanical and technical skills, along with a real sense of satisfaction from working on bikes.  After several sequences with College, and always being drawn back to Motorcycles…. He purchased his first Harley-Davidson and was hooked.  He decided that becoming a Motorcycle Tech was the right professional path to follow.  Jeff graduated from MMI in Phoenix where his focus was on V-Twin products and joined ABG in late 2009.  Jeff now rides a 2009 Harley Davidson Road King…. And he has made several modifucations to meet his desire.  You will often see Jeff out enjoying his Bike, Friends and the Riding Experience at Bike Nights.  Jeff enjoys motorcycles, however, they are second to his Family and his wonderful Daughters that are the center of his universe.


Sebastian Nielsen

Position:  Metric Technician, Roanoke
Favorite Ride:  River Valley, Boyd, Texas
Where Born:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Joined A Biker’s Garage:  November 2014
Bikes Owned:  Husqvarna CR250, Kawasaki KX125 and KX250f, KX450, Suzuki RM125, Honda CR250, CR125
Favorite Music:  Country 
Favorite Movie:  
Marvel Comic Book Related Series
Favorite Food:  Italian Food
What I do for Fun:  Ride Motorcross, Travel and Spend Time on Computer and Time with his Wife

Sebastian’s motorcycle interest started when he was eleven years old and began hanging around his stepfathers motorcycle shop in Buenos Aires.  He started doing all the dirty work around the shop which focused on support for motocross teams.  Sebastian would have to clean bikes, polish heads, clean exhausts, change fiberglass in mufflers and wash all the bikes.  A real sense of starting in the motorcycle business on the “ground floor”.  In his early teens, Sebastian started working on bikes doing carburetors, top ends, valve reeds and working suspension.  After working for seven years at the shop in Argentina, Sebastian moved to the Dallas area.  In 2004, Sebastian became a US Citizen.  Sebastian has been working on motorcycles in the DFW area for the past nine years.  In 2011, Sebastian was the technical support for a Privateer in the Arena Cross Circuit as well as working on bikes during the week.  Sebastian hold manufacturer certifications for metric products, and is experienced all the routine maintenance processes, carburetors, valve work and suspension on Sport Bikes, Cruisers, Dirt Bikes and Quads. He brings a good experience base and great work ethic to ABG.



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